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Post by Drekkle on Thu Aug 16, 2018 8:46 am

Current Day: Toilday, Lamashan 31st, 4717 AR
Abadius (ah-BAY-dee-us)=(January)
Calistril (KAHL-izz-trihl)=(February)
Pharast (fah-RAHST)=(March)
Gozran (GOHZ-ran)=(April)
Desnus (DEZ-nuhs)=(May)
Sarenith (sa-REHN-ihth)=(June)
Erastus (eh-RAS-tuhs)=(July)
Arodus (AIR-oh-duhs)=(August)
Rova (ROH-va)=(September)
Lamashan (lah-MAHSH-ahn)=(October)
Neth (NEHTH)=(November)
Kuthona (koo-THOH-nah)=(December)

[size=150]Talmandor's Bounty - Crafting Balances[/size]

Eamon (Wondrous Items) and Kurvis (Scribe Scroll) - 5 gp credit
[li]Cloak of Resistance +1 (Aisha) - paid with QR shirt - done[/li]

Alba (Potions) - 430 gp credit

Luetin (Arms and Armour) - 60 gp credit
[li]Breastplate (Aisha) - paid with masterwork chain shirt, resulting in 50 gp credit -finishes Arodus 22nd[/li]
[li]Masterwork breastplate (Kaimana) - paid with credit and masterwork machete, resulting in 10 gp credit - finishes Arodus 15th[/li]


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Ruins of Azlant Discussion Empty Re: Ruins of Azlant Discussion

Post by Nobody7713 on Mon May 13, 2019 2:28 pm

arty loot:
wand of cure light wounds (50 charges) (Aisha)
potion of cure light wounds
alchemist’s fire (4)
potion of CMW
Colony holding: 1,000 crafting credit for ioun stones (675.1 gp)
Books on ioun stones - 1,000 gold of credit towards crafting ioun stones
porcelain tea set with three of the teacups now having broken handles - 15 gold
steel flask full of whiskey etched with an elaborate “R” - 5 gold
silver mirror with a rose motif worth 150 gp
a set of dice in a wooden cup capped with leather - 1 silver
longspear - 5 gold
Tablet that seems to have been carved by one of the celedons, depicts a strange tower on an island - 500 gp

I bought two potions of air bubble and touch of sea

We found:
Also, 8 of these: trident, heavy crossbow with 10 bolts
Drekkle - Today at 7:00 AM
Gear mwk harpoon,
cloak of resistance +1
silk rope (50 ft.)
280 gp
+1 underwater greataxe
12 corroded longswords (treat as broken)
a +1 light steel shield
a masterwork handaxe
a ring of swimming
210 gp
76 sp
310 cp in scattered coins.
clear spindle ioun stone
a pearl dolphin figurine of wondrous power from Vriskirsa IIRC
3 necklaces of air adaptation
+1 ranseur
mwk trident
a corroded breastplate from ancient Azlant (broken, but worth 500 gp to a historian or collector)
a statue of a female figure holding a moon set with mother of pearl (weighing 65 pounds and worth 1,100 gp)
a rectangular sheet of pounded copper etched with arcane symbols (worth 110 gp)
a chest near the altar also contains a bounty of coins lost with the sunken ship: a total of 1,560 gp, 200 sp, and 3,450 cp
necklace of air adaptation
potion of cure light wounds
mwk longspear
mwk underwater heavy crossbow with 20 bolts
hand of the mage
agate earring worth 25 gp
pearls (7, worth 100 gp each)
18 gp
a cloak of the manta ray inside formerly locked steel box
Faceted sapphire worth 875 gp


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