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Lord Baroden de Fleur
Classes: Death, Life
Lord Baroden de Fleur is a nobleman and necromancer who, hundreds of years ago, tried to conquer his way through the civilized lands. After a bloody struggle, a group of adventurers managed to defeat him, and Lord Baroden fled and was presumed destroyed. In actuality, he went into hiding until the day he could resume his conquest. Before that could happen though, the headmaster found him and recruited him as a teacher.

Professor Clik
Classes: Time, Enhancement, Creation

Professor Clik is an automaton, and is the school's professor not only of time, enchantment, and creation magic, but also the overseer of the foundry and the process of magic item creation. No one knows how Clik came into being, as she makes the claim that she enchanted herself, and no one knows if she's simply being coy or if she simply has no idea. Despite being an automaton, Clik heavily identifies as female, and insists on being addressed as such.

Professor Daemen
Classes: Dark, Light, Warp

Daemen is a black unicorn, which are rarely born, and even more rarely survive. As a black unicorn, Professor Daemen is the inverse of common unicorn nature; evil where they are usually good, and preferential to men where unicorns usually prefer women. Professor Daemen made the decision early in his life to live among humans, using his potent natural magic to make himself indispensible to the criminal underworld, lending his talents to thieves, assassins, and underworld bosses alike. These days he works as a Professor at the school, living in the forest at night and teaching during the day. It is an open secret that he is still in contact with his old thieves guild, but so long as his illicit activities do not threaten the school or the students, the Headmaster is willing to leave things as they are in order to retain Daemen's talents as a teacher.

Professor Fezmet
Classes: Fate, Divination, Telekinesis

Fezmet was once a wizard's familiar, who was granted independent intelligence by his master. His master never know just how much intelligence, however, until Fezmet had read every one of his master's books, learned his master's spells, and beaten his master in a wizard's duel. Fezmet took up work as an aid, using divination (and his unassuming looks as a ferret) to secretly advise kings, merchants, and others as he could in exchange for money and comforts. Eventually he was noticed by the school headmaster and hired as a professor.

Professor Meeda
Classes: Alteration, Destruction

Meeda is the professor of Alteration and Destruction, and prefers the form of an 8 1/2 foot tall bipedal lizard with four arms, 2 tails, and wings. She is a former mercenary and a potent magic user and martial artist, who is known for her unusually sweet and bubbly personality, given her former profession.

Professor Savesha
Classes: Conjuration, Protection

Savesha is a reformed succubus, who has turned herself over to the pursuit of academic excellence instead of mortal seduction. While Savesha understands the appeal of the physical and will dress elegantly to give hersel social power, she has become more and more upset by the limitations and expectations she feels placed upon her by others because she is a succubus. She is very sensitive to people failing to look past her body and has been known to punish students rather harshly who thought she shared the same disposition as her sisters. Over time, this has grown into a particular form of championing womanhood itself; she is known for being harsher with her male students than necessary (until they can prove themselves to be worth her time), while giving preferential treatment to her female students.

Professor Tocs
Classes: Nature, Weather

Tocs Witherpool is a gnome that suffers from a rare form of dwarfism which renders him about 1 ft. tall. He is over 400 years old, and has been teaching at Windfell Academy longer than any other teacher, and currently serves as the deputy headmaster. As a teacher, he is known for collecting "favorites", exchanging favors for favors in order to place his favorite students into positions of power, then collecting favors from them when needed (or in some cases, from their children or grandchildren). This makes him one of the most politically powrful magic users in the world, and with a letter or two, he can make all sorts of things happen.

Professor Windjina
Classes: Mind, Illusion

Windjina is a weremantis matriarch who works at the school as the professor of illusions and mind-magic. She uses illusions to appear as a woman with long black hair, thin pointed features, and a beauty so perfect it's unnatural. However, Windjina is a natural lycanthrope and, underneath her illusions, spends most of her time in hybrid form. Every now and then, students have caught glimpses of her true form out of the corner of their eye or in a mirror's quick reflection, reminding them that it's not a woman, but rather a bipedal mantis they're sharing a room with during class.

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